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Good Morning!

Happy Friday everyone!  This week Miss Mitrou and Mrs Clarke have given you some lovely sensory activities to do.  Today its Mrs Inglis turn, and I have an activity for you to try, using your hands and fingers to touch and explore different textures.  This could be done in the house or outside.  It could be washing dishes using cloths and sponges, playing with toys or exploring in the garden….

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I have made a video of our nice hand ‘warm up’ activities again, and shown you some things I found in my house which had different textures to touch.

I found some sticky things, some soft things, some bumpy things and some rough things.  Maybe you will find other things too – like fluffy toys!?  You could also explore ‘wet‘ and ‘dry‘, ‘hot‘ and ‘cold‘.  So many things to look for and explore with your hands (or feet!).  You could collect things on a tray and just explore all the different things you find.  Or separate them and sort them into different textures using these  visuals I made for you.  You might only want to choose two to look at, for example rough and smooth.


If you go for a walk, why not try this texture scavenger hunt?  If you want you can print it out.  I went for a walk with my little girl and we found all sorts of nice things – moss, leaves, flowers, mud, sticks, grass, shells and stones!  We also saw a slimy snail trail! We took some things home, and got some lovely photos!

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Have lots of fun!

Mrs Inglis




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