Hello Mull Class

Hello Mull Class,

Tuesday morning is our P.E morning and our focus has been on ball skills. Get outside if you can and try practicing some of your ball skills. You could follow Michael on youtube or take a look at the instructions uploaded.

P.E Boys

P.E Girls

On a Tuesday afternoon we do our writing programme. This week you could make marks outside with water on the pavement or in the garden. All you need is a bucket of water and any implement, for example a mop or brush or a stick. I have uploaded some visuals to support mark making with water.

mark making with water

Writing Programme Instructions

Writing Programme

Writing Programme Powerpoint

Check you daily calendar and carry out your Sensory Workout and Hand Programme. Read your chosen book for this week, carry out your chore of the week and keep developing your independence by doing your own pouring, spreading, cutting and tidying.

As always keep fit and active and get out into the lovely weather for some fun.

Keep safe and well,

Jennifer Moncrieff

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