Sunshine activities!

Good Morning!

It is Friday, and the sun is shining again which is lovely!  I thought i would post a few lovely sunshine activities.

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Here is a wee video from me!

When we go out in the Sun we wear different clothes.  It feels warm.  We won’t need our warm jackets.  The Sun is very bright, so we might wear sunglasses. We might wear shorts and t-shirts.  We might wear a sun hat.  We might wear sunglasses.  We might need sun cream to look after our skin.  Maybe you could explore some of these items you have in your house….? We would love to see you all ready to experience the sunshine!

I have made a few visuals you can use which you can use to help you recognise, match and look for some of these Summer items. If you print them off, print two copies, cut one set up and you have a matching game.  Just click on the link here…


You can also mix them up and try to match the visual with the item.  You could use these learning intentions to help you pick the correct item.

Learning Intentions – looking for summer items


If you would prefer, you could also just make a sunshine picture, using whatever you have in the house – paint, glitter, glue,  tissue paper or crayons…. Maybe do this outside?!

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sunshine pictures

If you are out in the Sunshine, stay safe and enjoy!  I think I will try to get outside in my garden today too!

Here are some summer songs you might like to enjoy listening to.  They are some school favourites!!

Missing you all… Have a lovely weekend!

Mrs Inglis

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