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Today I thought it might be helpful to share with you what we have been working on in Home Economics this year.  I have attached the visual schedules for these activities and hope that you will enjoy doing this together at home.

Term 1 – we made sandwiches, lots of different fillings and textures were explored.  Favourites included tuna mayonnaise, cheese savoury, grated cheese and ham and egg mayonnaise.

Term 2 – We made muffins – basic muffins, cheese muffins, banana muffins and blueberry to name but a few.  Below are the links to a few of the recipes we used.




Term 3 – Making jelly – this is another lovely sensory activity, try adding frozen raspberries, tinned mandarins or chop up some strawberries and add to your jelly.

Please remember we would love to see photos of your Home Economics activities from home, so please do share them on the blog, have fun and enjoy.  Ensure that your learners help with all aspects from preparation to washing up lol.

These are the visual schedules you will need:



making jelly

Cheers Caroline

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