Day 2 of Arran Outdoors

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Our second day has been a lot of fun despite the cold and wet!!! This morning we went out on Inclusion the powerboat over to the Holy Isle.  Everyone got a chance to drive and Peter really enjoyed steering the boat, he was the best at keeping it in a straight line.  We enjoyed stretching our legs out and visiting the garden on the Holy Isle before having a very damp picnic.  We all chose a pebble from the beach to put onto the pebble pile in the garden for universal peace.  We then got back on the boat to head back to the centre.  No rest however, we headed to Brodick Castle and the adventure playground.  We have just had our tea and we are going back out to make a fire.  It is one of the activities in our 50 things to do outdoors book.  We are feeling very sad that we have to return home tomorrow.  Peter has already said “We will see you next year Arran, 2017”.

4 thoughts on “Day 2 of Arran Outdoors

  1. Christina Larsen

    Wow….more great pictures…lots of smiling faces. Love the pictures on the boat. Who knew that Peter knew how to navigate one???? The adventure playground looked like so much fun. As much as we miss our boy…we wish you were all getting to stay longer. Peter would love to go next year again…it’s a routine now!!..haha.

  2. User deactivated

    Looks like lots of fun. Well done everyone!
    from Kieran , Jack Ms.Clark,Mrs Mackie and Miss Palmer.


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