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P6 Term 2 Curriculum Outline

P6 Term 4 Curriculum Outline

October Photos

P6A have been learning about magnetic north, compass points, bearing and linking compass points to angles.  We investigated how a compass worked, linking our learning to themes in Treasure Island and to our work in maths.  We improved our scientific understanding of how the earth rotates on an axis and:

  • Earth’s magnetic field is created by the planet’s rotating iron core and
  • Earth’s magnetic field has one North Pole and one South Pole. We also learned that over thousands of years the north and south poles switch…Earth’s wandering poles!

We also investigated micro-organisms on apples, again linked to the apples barrel on board the Hispaniola!  This involved testing a few antibacterial agents, natural and manmade to see how we could preserve the apple.  Interestingly…the anti-bacterial wipes were the worst!

We also began looking at the geography of America as we approach the American presidential elections.  Before we even look at democracy in US and the UK, we located different states, cities, land forms and bodies of water in America.

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November Photos

Primary 6A have had a busy, challenging and interesting few weeks!  We have discovered how had it is for spiders to create beautiful spider webs by trying to engineer our own using dental floss!  We decided that it was almost impossible…almost!  And that the job of creating spider webs should be left to one of nature’s great engineers…spiders!

We also studied the artwork of Gustav Klimt and created our own versions of magical trees. We used a variety of media, different types of paints to create an autumnal magical tree.

Primary 6A also researched the different types of government around the world and are grateful that we live in a democracy and our voices are heard.  We also investigated democracy in the USA and how the elections process takes such a long time.  Primary 6A and Miss Fish also enjoyed learning about the geography and history of America.  Learning about the different states and some famous landmarks, especially Mount Rushmore and were delighted to learn that John Muir’s friend Theodore Roosevelt was one of America’s founding fathers!

We were horrified to discover the amount of sugar that is in some of the drinks we buy! We studied the nutritional labels on bottles of juice and weighed out the sugar to see how much sugar is in them and compared it to how much sugar we should have…make sure you have a look at our display on parents’ night!

Finally, in response to the ‘flu vaccination, we have been learning about micro-organisms.  We are enjoying learning that our immune system is like a battlefield, where our white blood cells patrol looking for invaders like the cold virus, ear and throat infections and chicken pox!  We are also creating our own bacteria combat game!  Survival of the fittest!

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December Photos

Primary 6A have continued their learning with micro-organisms and explored the different types, bacteria, viruses and fungi.  With the help of some “cute and cuddly” micro-organisms, they have researched where some like to live and multiply, where they cause horrible infections and make our lives miserable at this time of year.

Some bacteria and viruses we looked at caused ear and throat infections, some caused the common cold and one caused the flu, which we have all been vaccinated against!

We also investigated plant and animal cells, comparing and contrasting them.  Also appreciating the hard work plant cells do to exchange carbon dioxide in the air to provide us with clean oxygen.

Primary 6A have a festive visitor….our mischevious Elf has arrived all the way from the North Pole.  We have named him Elfis Presents!  He has arrived with his friends Beethoven the St. Bernard and Midnight the Reindeer.  I’m sure you will hear all about their adventures and perhaps have had a visit from them…

Elfis has also arrived with a naughty and a nice list…Primary 6A are determined to stay on the nice list!

Primary 6A and Miss Fish would also like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas!

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January Photos

Primary 6A took advantage of the spring weather and took their learning to one of their favourite areas…outside!

As part of out open afternoon activities, we shared some of our learning about John Muir and updated them on our progress in achieving our John Muir Award.  We then worked in teams, following pictures and symbols on a ‘Funny Face Map’ to create our Funny Face picture!

Finally we got to explore some parts of the school grounds that are unfamiliar to us as we competed against each other in Elderbank’s Star Orienteering Course!

Keira, Teagan and Aimee help set up the course and found it tricky locating the markers!

Many thanks to the parents who came along to share in the learning!

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February Photos

As part of our Social Studies topic on the Titanic we ere investigating density of some objects and discovered if an object sinks and we change the shape of it…it floats!  Primary 6A also took on the role of James Philips, the member of the Titanic crew that sent Morse Code signals.  We used technology to decode and encode Morse code messages, realising that it is not an  easy job!

Primary 6A recreated a courtroom in drama as they put the owner of the Titanic Bruce Ismay to trial…

As part of our investigations into the properties of metals, we learned about the scientist Robert Bunsen and the wonderfully simple idea he had of the Bunsen Burner. We recreated a safe version of the Bunsen Burner in our class and flame tested some metals.  We discovered that metals burn and change the colour of the flame.  We linked these investigations to metals in fireworks that are used around the world.  At this time of year we linked it to Chinese New Year!

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March Photos

March has been a very busy month for Primary 6A, we hosted an outdoor learning open afternoon, a science afternoon and had visitors sharing experiences and learning during Science Week.

In our class, we continued with our Titanic topic and learned about electrical circuits, creating our own electric circuit that contained buzzers, lights and switches, we then encoded our own Morse code signal using the circuits we made.

This month saw the start of our Primary Engineering project…as some of the class said “we’ve gone old school!”  Primary 6 are creating and designing a vehicle.  We made scale drawings of the chassis of our vehicle.  The next step was to use tools safely to cut the wood for our chassis, wheels and axels.  Once we had the chassis constructed and moved forward and backwards in a straight line, the next step was the hardest…or so Miss Fish thought!  Because of the work we have done in electric circuits, we used all our electrical engineering skills to construct the electrics for our vehicle.  These were attached to our chassis…the vehicles are now moving forwards and backwards using electrics and the bodywork is now ready to be designed…this is where we can be as creative as we want…space buggies, cars, rockets, underwater explorers, the list is endless…

Primary 6 would like to thank everyone for their support this term and we are all looking forward to next term and hopefully plenty of sunshine!

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