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P4 Term 2 Curriculum Outline

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P4 Term 4 Curriculum Outline

October Photos

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Pupils in P4A have enjoyed experimenting with magnetism in science.  Some of these photos show how pupils were able to make their own magnets from paperclips then test the magnetic properties of different materials.

November Photos

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December Photos

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We have been using our new Big Writing wall display to help us when we are writing. We must always remember VCOP – vocabulary, connectives, openers and punctuation!

We have been preparing for Christmas and made these beautiful stained glass windows using cellophane.

In P.E this term, we have been developing our badminton and gymnastics skills.

January Photos

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This term we have been learning all about Scotland – we learnt about the traditional Scottish of Greyfriars Bobby and have been writing newspaper reports about Nessie – the Loch Ness Monster.

We have been learning about money in numeracy and created Andy Warhol style pictures of the famous poet Robert Burns.

We have been communicating with our link school in India as we learn more about our rights and look forward to receiving e-mails back from them.

We learnt the Scottish poem ‘The Wee Malkies’ by Stephen Mulrine – Millie was awarded 1st place, Aimee 2nd place and Kayla 3rd place.

In science, we have been learning about how sound is made and created our own telephones using cups and string to investigate whether we could hear through them. We could because the sound vibrated along the string and into our ear drum!

We have also been working on the Rights Respecting School programme.

February Photos

This month, we have been learning more about Indian culture and celebrations via our link school in India. We learnt the story of ‘Good Over Evil’ as well as how Diwali is celebrated. We then made our own Rangoli art patterns.

In maths, we have been learning about measure – length, weight and capacity. We learnt how to calculate the area of regular and irregular shapes.

In science, we have been learning more about how sound is produced and what happens to sound once it goes inside our ear! For instance, did you know that 1 of the bones inside your ear is called the anvil?

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March Photos


In numeracy, we have been learning about right angles. We made our own right angle checkers and identified angles within shapes. We have also been developing our knowledge of place value up to 5 digit numbers.


In science, we have been learning about Earth Hour. The children made lanterns from recycled milk cartons and put a tealight inside ready for lights out on Saturday 25th March. We also experimented with dissolving materials in different liquids to see how easily plastic dissolves.


In art, we made Easter chick cards and Mother’s Day cards in the style of artist of artist Wassily Kandinsky.


In ICT, we started working graphical modelling. We manipulated shapes through Microsoft Word to create our fantasy playground. The children found this tricky at first but soon got the hang of it and created some fabulous designs as shown in the photographs.

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May Photos

This month, P4A have been investigating plants – what they need to grow and conditions which affect how well they grow. We planted our own sunflower seeds which have grown really quickly and discovered that plants need water, heat, light and good soil to grow. Each week we measure how tall our sunflowers are – at the moment the tallest sunflower is 28cm! It has only been growing for 3 weeks!

We also visited Vikingar museum in Largs for the day where we reinforced our knowledge of Vikings. We got to dress up as Vikings, see inside a model Viking longhouse and see Viking gods. We learnt new facts about Vikings such as viking women being given a key to the house on their 21st birthday and rich Vikings wearing colours such as red and yellow.

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