Primary 3A

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P3 Term 2 Curriculum Outline

P3 Term 4 Curriculum Outline

P3A have been:

* Investigating place value using base 10 materials

* Enjoying raising money for a good cause at the Macmillan Coffee Morning

* Learning about rhythms and note values in music by composing, sharing and performing our own rhythms

* Building a phone in technology after learning about Alexander Graham Bell. We found out that sounds are made by vibrations that travel through materials and the air.

October Photos

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In numeracy and maths we have been learning about measure. We measured using our hands, feet and strides as non-standard units of measure. After this we started using standard units of measure like metres and centimetres. We used measuring tapes, trundle wheels and rulers to measure items in the class and around the school.

We have been working together to gather information and have learned how to display data as a pictogram and a bar graph.

During Health we learned how quickly germs can spread by shaking hands covered in paint. The germs passed around our class very quickly! We also found out that we can use medicines to help us feel better if we are not well.

As part of our Science lessons on Forces and Friction we carried out a fair test to find out which paper makes the best paper aeroplane. All of our paper was the same size and we followed the same design to make the planes. We flew them in the dinner hall then used a trundle wheel to measure how far they flew. When we got back to class we made a bar graph to show the results. Printer paper makes the best aeroplane. Crepe paper does not make a good plane.

November Photos

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We enjoyed welcoming our families during our Open Afternoon.  They loved trying out the different activities linked to our Famous Inventors topic.

We have also been working extremely hard rehearsing for the Christmas Show which was a great success.  There are lots of budding actors, singers and musicians in primary 3!

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January Photos

During Structured Activities we have been exploring mixing colours and printing using various materials.  We used these skills to make castle as part of our Scottish Castles topic.

We used books and internet searches to find out interesting information about Scottish Castles.  We put the information into personal fact files.

In Numeracy and Maths time P3A have been learning about time.  We made sure everyone could remember how to tell the time using o’clock and half past.  After that we learned to tell the time at quarter past and quarter to.  We can now tell these times using analogue and digital clocks.  Quarter past is easy but quarter to can be very tricky!

We went outside with P3B and P3C to build our teamwork skills.  We split into four groups and had to find materials in the environment to create a giant Art Attack of a castle!  We did a great job, unfortunately Miss Rose’s camera battery died before she could take a picture of the finished castle.

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February Photos

We were excited to start learning about multiplication this month!  We spent lots of time sorting objects into groups and learning about the link between addition and multiplication.  Here we worked together to group coloured cubes into 2s and built the tow times table as a class.

At the end of our Scottish Castles topic we had a Taste of Scotland afternoon.  We got to try some shortbread and Irn Bru. We also played some fantastic games like Scottish Corners, Pass the Haggis and Pin the Sporran on the Kilt.  It was much harder than we thought it would be, some of us missed the kilt altogether!

The times table jigsaw challenge has been very popular this month.  We work with a partner to reassemble the table in the correct order.  The fastest pair to get it all correct win a raffle ticket each.

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March Photos

P3A have been enjoying re-enacting parts of our class novel, ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ by Roald Dahl.  We certainly have some budding actors in the class!

In Numeracy, we had a short focus on fractions. We can now identify halves and quarters and are able to write symbols to show this.

We were excited to welcome some of our family members to the class for our Science afternoon. They helped us to conduct different investigations on sweets which related to our Chocolate Factory topic.

We have also continued with multiplication, moving on from the 2 times table. We now know the 5 and 10 times tables and are working on the 3 times table. We loved getting outside to help us build the 3 times table with natural materials.

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May Photos

P3A worked together to design and present machines for our Chocolate Factory in the Middle Open Area.  We also showed the class the inventing rooms we made at home as part of a family homework challenge.

Our new topic is Farming with a focus on where food comes from.  We worked in groups outside to make collage pictures of farm animals using natural materials.

When learning about symmetry during maths lessons, we created symmetrical farms with a partner. Miss Rose was pleased with how well we worked together.

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