Good Morning Elderbank!

Good Morning to all our Learners, Parents, Carers and Families!

Over the Spring holiday we stuck together by sharing our photos. Now that we have entered Term 4 we will continue to share our learning and fun activities through our Home School Blogs. I have recently set up an Early Years Blog for ease of access for our Early Years Classes.  I look forward to sharing your experiences.               Take care and Stay Safe.

Mrs Bigham (Acting Principal Teacher)

Elderbank Early Years Summer Term Blog

Elderbank Primary Summer Term Blog

Elderbank Home School 2020 Blog

From the 23rd March 2020 all schools were closed due to the spread of the Corona Virus. Here at Elderbank we always look for the positives. We want to share what our Learners, families and staff have been doing during this time as we adjust (temporarily) to a new way of living.

Let’s share some work and photos to brighten up our days.

Elderbank Home School 2020 Blog