Elderbank Primary 7 Week 2 – Day 4

Our last full day at the Arran Outdoor Education Centre.

Today we split into our Red and Green teams for the morning and we went a walk up to Eos Mor where we saw the waterfall and the library cabin. The reds played a game guiding a blindfolded person with clear descriptions to get them to a particular tree and the greens did a spot of geocaching.

We also visited Kildonan shore to do a wildlife survey and seal watching. Elliot had some of us creating beach art and Nina used hand signals so that we could get as close to the seals as possible without disturbing them. We watched them silently, it was a special moment!

In the afternoon we returned to the centre for instruction on how to play the Survival Game. We became owls, voles and slugs and had to survive the wilderness, predators and humans. It was a great way to learn about food chains.

Tonight we have had a great dinner and we are getting ready for our disco party. Watch this space…

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