Standards and Quality + Termly Highlights

Please follow the links below to access all of the termly highlights from last session along with the 2018-19 Standards and Quality report.

Elderbank Standards and Quality Report 2018-2019

Term 1 & 2 Highlights Elderbank PS and Early Years

Term 1& 2 Highlights Supported Learning & Enhanced Deaf Provision

Term 3 & 4 Highlights Elderbank PS and Early Years

Term 3 & 4 Highlights Supported Learning &  Enhanced Deaf Provision

Elderbank Primary 7 Week 2 – Day 4

Our last full day at the Arran Outdoor Education Centre.

Today we split into our Red and Green teams for the morning and we went a walk up to Eos Mor where we saw the waterfall and the library cabin. The reds played a game guiding a blindfolded person with clear descriptions to get them to a particular tree and the greens did a spot of geocaching.

We also visited Kildonan shore to do a wildlife survey and seal watching. Elliot had some of us creating beach art and Nina used hand signals so that we could get as close to the seals as possible without disturbing them. We watched them silently, it was a special moment!

In the afternoon we returned to the centre for instruction on how to play the Survival Game. We became owls, voles and slugs and had to survive the wilderness, predators and humans. It was a great way to learn about food chains.

Tonight we have had a great dinner and we are getting ready for our disco party. Watch this space…

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Elderbank Primary 7 Arran Residential Week 2 – Day 3

Another fantastic day!

Red Team went off to find King’s Cave today and on their travels had a few amazing sightings: golden eagles and the rutting red deer the Green team were searching for yesterday. They ended their day with fire building on the beach to toast marshmallows.

Green group spent the day learning to kayak at sea. We all worked really hard as we kayaked from the centre to Lamlash. We played some games along the way and had our lunch in Lamlash on the slipway. We had some close encounters with the seals who seemed to be very friendly today.

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Arran Residential Week 2 – Day 2

What a day! Better conditions than we expected so we made the most of it. After a hearty breakfast, we split into two groups.

Green Team

We headed off to King’s Cave in the minibus with Mrs Bigham, Miss MacNamara and Darryl our Instructor. We were doing a circular walk today which included a visit to King’s Cave where legend has it, King Robert the Bruce once sheltered. We sheltered in the Cave next door, had our lunch and learned about building fires. We put the fire to good use toasting marshmallows. On our hike we learned about the Forrestry work in the area, the types of trees being planted and how it is made sustainable. We learned that there were some plants we could eat, like certain pine needles and brambles, and some fungi that we could not.

When our hike was over we drove to Lochranza. On the way we spotted at least 15 seals basking on the rocks in the sun. We also tried to spot the deer on the hills.  Rutting season is underway and we heard a couple of roars from the stags up on the hill. We then visited Lochranza castle and learned about lunar cycles and tides on the beach  before the drive back to the centre for dinner.

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Red Team

Set off from the centre in our wet suits and collected our kayaks. Learnt all our basic skills including how to adjust foot pegs and hold a paddle properly.  Once we discovered how to get into our kayaks properly, we set out into the sea and headed to Hamilton Rock to see the cormorants. We then made the 1km trip over to Holy Isle where we ate our lunch and learnt about the island and its history. We met some Soay Sheep and Sannon Goats who live on the island. We visited the Magical ornamental mandala garden and spoke to some of the volunteers who work on the island. We were allowed to pick some apples from the garden and learnt about how seaweed can be used  as a fertiliser for growing plants. After our time on the Holy Isle we headed back to the centre and safely put our kayaks away before swimming in the sea. All round a fantastic day, each child displayed a fantastic growth mindset and we all achieved our goal of learning how to kayak.

In the evening the groups were reunited for dinner and the Star Challege orienteering, followed by supper and a little more of the John Muir story.

Primary 7 Arran Residential Week 2 – Day 1 continued

We have had a great first day! On arrival at the Arran Outdoor Education Centre we were introduced to the staff and became familiar with the building and sorted out our kit. We then had lunch before heading off to Brodick Castle to do some orienteering.

After dinner we had some time in the classroom learning about John Muir before heading out for a twilight coastal walk, inspired by his words on nature. We saw a seal rest on the slipway as we walked far enough along to see the light of the lighthouse on Holy Isle.

We finished off our day with toast for supper and a story about John Muir and then to bed.

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