Viking Lunch – Wednesday 5th May

There will be a special menu for lunch on Wednesday 5th September.

Viking Ships- Melon Boats

Scandinavian Yellow Pea Soup

Viking Chicken – Chicken Casserole

Danish Baked Ham

Selection of Sandwiches

Viking Shield Biscuits

Selection of Seasonal Fruit

Primary 1 Finishing Time

Welcome to our brand new Primary 1 classes as they start their  journey in primary school today.  Please note that Primary 1 pupils will finish at 2:45pm on Monday and Tuesday this week, returning to the usual finishing time of 3:00pm on Wednesday.

Welcome To The New Session

Welcome back to all of our returning pupils and a warm welcome to those who are joining our school at the start of the new session.  We are looking forward to all of the wonderful learning experiences which will be taking place this session and the exciting opportunities which await all of our pupils.