French in Elderbank

Primary 6 pupils enjoyed working with French teacher, Madame Pesci, to support their work on the John Muir award. Pupils created animals using twigs, grass and flowers and described them to a partner in French.

All pupils in Primaries 2, 3, 4 and 5 enjoyed working with French Development Office Mrs Noble. Primary 2 and 3 pupils discussed  likes and dislikes in French based on the book ‘Handa’s  Suprise’. Primary 4 and 5 pupils were tested their French speaking skills by playing Minecraft and Battleships and giving instructions in French.

Elderbank on SKY TV

A Sky News article which includes footage from Elderbank will be screened on Sky News at 10:00p.m. tonight and again during the Sunrise programme tomorrow.  The article includes information relating to our successful holiday meals initiative which ran during the recent Easter break.

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New Library Books

Mrs MacFarlane, Mrs McLarnon and the library committee have been busy ordering, stamping and displaying lots of new books for our school library. There are books to suit all ages with a mixture of fiction and non-fiction. Happy reading everyone!