This term’s house treat was won by Culzean – well done to everyone who contributed!

Judy, Megan, Ross ee and Megan (all P6) all created tower designs for Kilwinning Abbey which have been selected to be displayed at a special exhibition at Kilwinning Library. Details have to follow.

The winners of the cycling competition run by the Travel Team (Eco Committee a dn JRSO) are as follows:

P1-3 Design Cycling Helmets

1st Sophie P1

2nd William P3

3rd Shaun P2

P4-5 Poster encouraging sustainable  travel

1st Grace P5

2nd Teigan P4

3rd Tyler P5

P6-7 Poem/ Rap encouraging sustainable  travel

1st Carli P6

2nd Sahara P7

3rd Cool Biker (group of P7s)