Minutes for 11-12-14


Sophie Gribben, Robyn Gurney, Rhanna Guilfoyle, Conor Monaghan,  Curtis Kerr, Kalle Smith, Marie Ann Wales, Claire Monaghan, Rachael Waddell, Erin Wigton, Morgan Cooper and Ryan Byrne


Mrs Crawford

Bronze Award

We recieved the news that we had acheived our bronze award, ad we got a photo with our certificate.

Moving Forward

We agreed to undertake a new environmental review and discussed methods to get more of the school involved. We have a very big school, so we may select a focus group of pupils outside the eco-committee to help us with our environmental review. From this we will agree on our action plan. We are unsure whether to involve a focus group in this too.


Wishing everybody on the Committee a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

The next meeting will be on Thursday 8th January at Lunchtime.

Meeting Adjorned.

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