COVID19 School Closure

During this period of school closure, updates will be posted here and emails will be sent to parents with letters sent to those without access to email.

Parents, pupils and staff should see the Home Learning section of this website where there are links to both general education and subject specific websites.

Your children should check SMHW and Glow: you don’t need a computer as this can be done equally well from a mobile device. Not all activities will require a pc and there is no requirement to provide a whole traditional ‘school day’ for young people.

Some school/ educational work each day as part of a routine which suits your household is the thing to aim for.

If young people are doing some school activity, getting some exercise and engaging in some off-line activity or interests, this is great.

This is a stressful time for all and we must remember that young people may be stressed as well and that their whole worlds have just shrunk enormously.

Making a safe space for them at home is the most important thing to be doing now.

More information will be updated as and when we receive it.

Stay safe and well.

Mrs Bain

Acting Rector