S3 Leadership


COURSE TITLE: Leadership Through Physical Education

This is a 4 unit course which is specifically aimed at pupils who want to progress on to certificated Physical Education or the new Sport and Recreation courses at some point in S4/5/6. This will appeal to pupils who want to embark on a career pathway that involves Leadership, sports development or the leisure industry. As such, it demands a focused approach to learning within both a practical and theoretical setting. Units will be supplemented by regular, meaningful homework tasks. The experiences will ultimately be challenging but enjoyable.


1.   Leadership Unit (Outdoor Games)

An introduction to peer coaching.  Pupils will develop the essential communication and organisational skills to confidently deliver short warm up episodes of lessons to their peers.  They will then progress on to the planning and delivery of a skills based lesson involving coordinated practices.  They will have the choice between Football and Hockey to help deliver their peer coaching sessions.

2.   Umpiring Skills (Basketball)

Basketball will be used as a vehicle for introducing pupils to the wide range of skills required to become a competent sports umpire/referee.  The focus will be centred upon developing pupils’ personal qualities such as confidence, verbal communication, decision making, taking responsibility and displaying applied knowledge of a game.  This unit will also aim to foster mutual respect amongst the peer group and a sense of self discipline.

3.   Planning and Monitoring Personal Fitness (Swimming and Fitness Suite)

This unit will also be an important precursor to certificated Physical Education in S4/5/6.  It will introduce the key concepts surrounding the processes of planning, monitoring and evaluation of personal fitness.  A variety of fitness training methods will be used to expose pupils to the benefits of maintaining a healthy lifestyle in and beyond Forres Academy.  They will be required to measure fitness levels, set goals, select appropriate training practices, record results and reflect upon their progress.

4.   Performance Analysis In Sport (Activity is at the discretion of Staff)

This unit will also give pupils an introduction to the key analytical skills required for future certificated Physical Education at National 4/5 and Higher level.  Pupils will collect and analyse performance data, consider their strengths and development needs, and plan for future improvement in their performance


The course will further promote the development of the CFE level 3 and 4 outcomes and experiences of the pupils’ health and wellbeing. Particular emphasis will be placed upon the mental, emotional, social and physical factors associated with physical education and leadership.

By the end of this course, pupils will have developed the following skills and qualities for learning, life and work:

·         The confidence and ability to embrace challenge

·         Demonstrate clear and expressive communication skills when engaging with others

·         Working individually and as part of a team to solve problems

·         Fostered high levels of self-respect, resilience and leadership

·         Learn to assess and manage risk in coaching environments

·         Develop respect and tolerance for others through working cooperatively



This will be collected through a variety of mediums including:


Class discussions

Feedback from both teacher and peers


Coaching reports and match reports

Personal fitness plans


·         National 4/5/6 Physical Education course

·         National 4/5 Sport and Recreation course

·   S5/S6 Community Sports Leaders Award


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