RRS Steering Group

The Steering Group is the central component of a rights-respecting school.  It aims to bring together all those with a stake in the school: students, staff and parents.  Only by giving a voice to all can we make our school a rights-respecting school.

The Steering Group’s job is to provide direction on how we become a rights-respecting school, by making decisions on how to meet UNICEF’s RRS criteria.

At present the Steering Group consists of:


  • Ellie Pearce- Pupil Forum and Scottish Youth Parliament member
  • Jack Slinger- Pupil Forum member
  • Sam Thomas- Pupil Forum member
  • Oscar Connah- RRS member 2014/2015
  • Matthew Angell-  RRS member 2014/2015


  • Mrs Rossiter- Health & Wellbeing Coordinator/Sports Coordinator/Study Support Coordinator
  • Miss Stewart- FLAG Malawi
  • Mr MacLeod- RRS teacher


  • Sarah Butters
  • Davina Curtis

If you are interested in the RRS programme and would like to join the Steering Group, then please contact the school and ask for Mr MacLeod.