Elgin Senior Youth Worker

Hi folks,

My name is Wendy Toner and I’ve been a youth worker for over 33 years here in Elgin.


I really enjoy groupwork more than any other kind of youthwork. It can be great fun, with a fair bit of learning in there too. That’s the beauty of youthwork, a lot of the time it’s so much fun you don’t realise you are learning!

I live in New Elgin, where I was born. I have two children who are now grown adults. My daughter went to Elgin High School and my son went to Elgin Academy, many years ago now.

I have two dogs! A little Lhasa Apso called Daisy, who will be 16 on her birthday. And I also have a Cocker Spaniel who is 6 and her name is Morag.

When I am not doing Youth work I love walking and finding new routes to trek with my dogs. I really love walking in Scotland as its the most beautiful country in the world.
When I go on holiday my favourite place is a very small village called Calis, in Turkey.

I love to visit Turkey as the people are so friendly, the food is superb and the weather is so lovely.

So that’s a little about me, please say hi to me if I pass you by in a school corridor, or the corner shop! Or if your really nice, you could offer me a chip at lunchtime!

Email: wendy.toner@moray.gov.uk

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