Keith & Buckie Senior Youth Worker

Hi this is a little story all about me!

My name is Lynne, I’m part of the Youth Engagement Team.

I’m based at Keith Grammar and Buckie High School as the Senior Youth Worker.

My office is in the community centre but may be accessed via the school ( beside the PE Dept) it’s called the Kiltbase and next to reception at Buckie. You may wish to come along at break, lunch or after school, there may be times I pop into your class. I enjoy getting to know and supporting young people whether you need support or maybe are looking to get involved in any volunteering or even start up a group!

Some of my groups just like to chat! Some like to be arty! Some like to bring awareness around a topic that is passionate to them… groups can help with confidence, friendships, feelings and so much more! I can offer advice, support or just be that person you can have a blether with!

I can also support you with wider achievement awards get in touch to find out more!

Things I enjoy are my family, definitely Netflix and most of all my dog! I love going on holidays preferably hotter climates! If you ever need to get in contact you

Can do so via your Guidance Teacher, email me on glow/or or click the icon below for my Facebook page!

I hope to catch up soon!

Lynne 🌈😀🌈😀


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