Author: mcbrandk08@glow


We have been really excited in the run up to Christmas in P3B. We have been working hard still with our numeracy, writing and reading with a Christmas theme!

In Numeracy and Maths we have been learning about grid references, routes, directions and symmetry and have created a symmetrical snowflake, and plotted grid references for a Christmas tree.

In Writing, we have planned, written and assessed a special letter to Santa!

We have also had a pantomime, a Christmas Fair and a visit to Church. We had our well earned Christmas party last week – check us out playing some of our games!


Road Safety

As part of our topic – Road Safety – we were visited by our iBike Officer Gordon Burt who showed us how important it is to Be Bright and Be Seen during the darker mornings and evenings in winter. We looked at how reflective clothing and lights help cars to see us when we are walking in the dark.


October BOATS

P3B really enjoyed their first Bring Our Adults to School (BOATs) session! We had an autumn theme where we had the opportunity to experiment with lots of different artistic media. We loved showing our adults what we are learning in the classroom!

Instructional Writing in P3B

We have been learning to write instructions.. Our focus was on pumpkin carving. We decided that our success criteria was to…

  • include capital letters and full stops
  • use time marker words – first, then, finally
  • to include sub headings – step 1, step 2, step 3
  • to make sure our instructions were in the right order
  • to use finger spaces and to write on the line

We carved a pumpkin as a class and then looked at our photographs and wrote our instructions as a whole class as well. Check back soon to see some examples of our finished pieces of writing!