Hello there!

Hi, my name is Eilidh and I’m writing this blog with my friend, Alana.

I’m trying to blog about things happening in my school, which is Mayfield Primary. To be honest, I’m quite nervous about it, but very excited at the same time. SO much stuff happens in the community and the fact that me and my friend are going to be blogging about it all and keeping everybody up to date is just amazing! 🙂

A lot happens, the gala day, sports days, discos, learning, Sumdog! EVERYTHING!!!

From now on, there will be a lot of posts going up. Mostly about our Scottish topic, for now. Which is quite convenient, since this is Glow Scotland…

So goodbye for now, I will see you later! Hope you will enjoy reading posts.

Have a nice day!!!

Eilidh. Xxx


Hi, My name is Alana and I’m in P7 at Mayfield Primary School. My friend, Eilidh is also writing on this blog.

This whole blog will be about things going on around our school, Mayfield Primary of course. A whole load of things happen in Mayfield Primary and Mayfield in general. We will be writing about the Mayfield & Easthouses Gala Day, Sumdog Competition, that happens ALL around Midlothian, Mayfield Primary’s Sports day, Mayfield Primary’s disco’s, our topic assemblies and lots more.

From this moment forward, Me and Eilidh will be writing on this, updating you on whats happening around Mayfield.

Bye! Have a nice day.

Alana xx