This is probably the last post I will ever get to put on here, as I no longer go to Mayfield Primary School, which means I am no longer involved in the Mayfield Media Moguls. I just want to say goodbye, me and my friend Alana miss primary school very much but we are enjoying ourselves so much. We definitely miss our primary 7 teacher and so do the rest of my class from last year, we think about her all the time!!!

High school is great and to all of you that are afraid or nervous, I can assure you that you won’t be the only one! I was so nervous, but on the first day I already had so many new friends and I was welcomed with open arms by my homeroom teacher. Well, not actually but she was very nice! There is nothing to be afraid of! I remember the biggest thing I was worried about was getting lost and being late, but the school is so simple to find your way and there are signs EVERYWHERE! 

It is a big change to go from primary to secondary but everything will be okay in the end. I miss all of you at Mayfield, and to all of the new primary ones that I never got to meet, the primary sevens better be nice and welcoming!!!


Have a nice day!!!

Eilidh. Xxx

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