Guess what!!!

Our little crowd of reporters has expanded!!!

Now, instead of it just being me and my friend Alana, there is a whole group of people that will be writing on here. There is about 15 of us now. So exciting!!!

I’m sure the others will be just as dedicated as me and Alana are, and that they will introduce themselves and hopefully they will make a good impression. First impression counts!!!

It is so exciting that others are writing on here, and it isn’t just me. It may not seem it, but it is.

How are you guys? I always talk about myself and my friends. I never really think that people will actually be reading this! :’D

My class, which is P7, were running about this morning. It was almost as if we were a pack of headless chickens that had way too much sugar! Now, before you jump to any conclusions, or think that we are a bunch of weirdos! It is all because we now have our school pictures, and it isn’t just the regular ones that you get every year. This time we have gotten a frame with ALL of our school photos in it. From primary 2 to the last picture we took. Which was primary 6. We are yet to take our last picture. I’m probably going to cry when that happens. I always cry when it is the last of anything. The last Christmas party, the last disco. I’m not the only one!!!

I’m so excited for the weeks to come with all the new bloggers!!!

See you soon…

Have a nice day!!!

Eilidh. Xxx

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