Winter Weather

The weather has been a bit funny this week…

One minute there is a huge storm and then the next it is sunny with no clouds.

IMG_6525I feel like this is probably the saddest time of the year. It’s mostly the weathers fault. Since it is all rainy and horrible outside, that what we feel like inside! Well, it is almost spring! The sun is starting to show itself a tiny bit more often than before and right after Christmas, which is a good sign. By Summer the school will have so much going on!!! I will almost be in high school lets try not to think too far into the future… 

I just had a look at all the other posts of new people introducing themselves and they are absolutely great!!! This may sound weird but I’m saying it anyway… 

I’m actually quite proud! I’m proud of this blog and the amount of posts on it already, I’m proud of me and my friends for being so dedicated and excited about it and most of all, I am so proud of our school for doing so much. It’s a good thing we do a lot, otherwise I wouldn’t know what to write on here! I’d have writers block for days!!!

It was the Scottish assembly yesterday, me and my friends Lewis, Aimee and Christopher were all chosen last minute to go up to the front in assembly and speak about what we have been focusing on. 

I told you before but just if you didn’t see it or have forgotten, we were focusing on famous Scots!

I did take loads of pictures to post for you to see…

Unfortunately I’m writing this at home right now so I don’t have the photos. I have a feeling somebody else will tell you ALL about the Scottish assembly. The reason I say that is because my friend, Alana actually told me she wanted to write about it. So I will probably be giving her the photos to put on her post. You just need patience!

This blog was a bit pointless but I just wanted to say how proud I am, that we had a Scottish assembly and about how me and my friends are all so excited for Spring!

See you soon…

Have a nice day!!!

Eilidh. Xxx


Hello, I am Abbie.  I am in Primary 7 and I have just started writing on this blog. I am going to report about all the exciting things that have been going on in my class.

Well, It’s Scot’s week in our school and in my class everybody has being finding out about a famous Scottish person.  We had the choice to make a power point, print or hand- write our presentations.  They were all very good! We had to share our presentation to others in the class.  That was a bit nerve-wracking!

We all done drawings of the person we researched and we are using Ifunface app to make our drawings talk and move. We will share 3 or 4 facts about our famous Scot and the audience will try to guess who it is.

Goodbye for now

Abbie xxx



Guess what!!!

Our little crowd of reporters has expanded!!!

Now, instead of it just being me and my friend Alana, there is a whole group of people that will be writing on here. There is about 15 of us now. So exciting!!!

I’m sure the others will be just as dedicated as me and Alana are, and that they will introduce themselves and hopefully they will make a good impression. First impression counts!!!

It is so exciting that others are writing on here, and it isn’t just me. It may not seem it, but it is.

How are you guys? I always talk about myself and my friends. I never really think that people will actually be reading this! :’D

My class, which is P7, were running about this morning. It was almost as if we were a pack of headless chickens that had way too much sugar! Now, before you jump to any conclusions, or think that we are a bunch of weirdos! It is all because we now have our school pictures, and it isn’t just the regular ones that you get every year. This time we have gotten a frame with ALL of our school photos in it. From primary 2 to the last picture we took. Which was primary 6. We are yet to take our last picture. I’m probably going to cry when that happens. I always cry when it is the last of anything. The last Christmas party, the last disco. I’m not the only one!!!

I’m so excited for the weeks to come with all the new bloggers!!!

See you soon…

Have a nice day!!!

Eilidh. Xxx

New year…


It’s a new year, and the school is tired and mourning the fact that Christmas is officially over!


Maybe not my class, they’re even more hyper than before!

We are lovely really! It’s just nice to greet all of your friends again!

The school got busy straight away after we came back from the Christmas holidays, getting ready for Scottish week. A week where we learn all about something from Scotland, this year my class are focusing on Scottish celebrities. There are so many!!!

David Tennant, who played The Doctor in Doctor Who. I’m focusing on a guy named Connor Ball, because he is in my favourite band… My friend Alana – who also posts on this blog – is focusing on the Proclaimers. I absolutely love that band, and a lot of people in the school are obsessed. (Especially the teachers!!!)

My class have been working on translating a famous children’s book into Scottish. It seems easy, it’s really not!!! The books are…

Owl Babies ~ Hoolit Bearns

Please Don’t Talk To The Bus Driver ~ Please Dinnae Blether Tae The Bus Driver

It took a long time just to think of the title! Now we have to actually remake the book, illustrations and all!

Do you know any good stories that have been translated into Scottish? Have you done it before? If so, was it difficult? Let us know!

The school has been cooped up in our classrooms because of the weather, so now when we go outside it’s extra special! It has been snowing all week! It’s very icy and frosty, just the way I like it! I’m pretty sure a lot of people in the school prefer winter to anything else!

Have you been enjoying the weather? Or do you prefer summer?

Hope you are having a good time wherever you are, whatever you are doing!

I hope you reunited with some friends and family, have a good day!

See you soon…

Have a nice day!!!

Eilidh. Xxx

Hello there!

Hi, my name is Eilidh and I’m writing this blog with my friend, Alana.

I’m trying to blog about things happening in my school, which is Mayfield Primary. To be honest, I’m quite nervous about it, but very excited at the same time. SO much stuff happens in the community and the fact that me and my friend are going to be blogging about it all and keeping everybody up to date is just amazing! 🙂

A lot happens, the gala day, sports days, discos, learning, Sumdog! EVERYTHING!!!

From now on, there will be a lot of posts going up. Mostly about our Scottish topic, for now. Which is quite convenient, since this is Glow Scotland…

So goodbye for now, I will see you later! Hope you will enjoy reading posts.

Have a nice day!!!

Eilidh. Xxx


Hi, My name is Alana and I’m in P7 at Mayfield Primary School. My friend, Eilidh is also writing on this blog.

This whole blog will be about things going on around our school, Mayfield Primary of course. A whole load of things happen in Mayfield Primary and Mayfield in general. We will be writing about the Mayfield & Easthouses Gala Day, Sumdog Competition, that happens ALL around Midlothian, Mayfield Primary’s Sports day, Mayfield Primary’s disco’s, our topic assemblies and lots more.

From this moment forward, Me and Eilidh will be writing on this, updating you on whats happening around Mayfield.

Bye! Have a nice day.

Alana xx