Visible Learning

Primary 5 began their visible learning journey in the last couple of weeks. We began by reading “I Can’t Do This” by K Walton and “My Fantastic Elastic Brain” to learn about what it means to have a growth and a fixed mindset and to think about how our brains work.

We split up some key phrases to decide the difference between a growth and a fixed mindset and created a song, rap or poem that we can use to celebrate when we are using a growth mindset. Already we are hearing lots of growth mindset phrases being used in our everyday learning, such as “I’m not able to put fractions on a number line yet, but I will be able to do it soon”.

We have also been thinking about how our brain works and how challenges are good for us to help our brains grow! We have discussed how we want to display our work around growth mindsets and the brain so have a look soon for photos!