P4a Swimming

We went swimming on Tuesday from 2 o’clock until 3 o’clock. At first about 3 people didn’t know how to swim but by the end everyone knew how to swim. The pool was about 1 metre deep. The blue group went into the deeper part of the pool and we coped fine! Our swimming coach was called Mark. It was really fun, we used to race to get changed! We are going to miss swimming but the other class are going to love it.

by Alistair Doig P4a

Even if you didn’t know how to swim at the start you were able to swim by the end. We learned how to do the breast stroke, the back crawl and the front crawl. It was so fun that when we got out it felt like we just got in. It was a bit cold after the showers but as soon as you got in the pool you warmed up as it was always lovely and warm.

I suggested that girls put their hair in pleats so keep it out the way when swimming. It was fun also because we raced each other to get ready.

Mark is a lovely swimming teacher and he always makes it okay when you are scared.

I think every child would love to go swimming lessons with Mark, swimming is great fun!

By Holly Alexander P4a

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