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P4a Swimming

We went swimming on Tuesday from 2 o’clock until 3 o’clock. At first about 3 people didn’t know how to swim but by the end everyone knew how to swim. The pool was about 1 metre deep. The blue group went into the deeper part of the pool and we coped fine! Our swimming coach was called Mark. It was really fun, we used to race to get changed! We are going to miss swimming but the other class are going to love it.

by Alistair Doig P4a

Even if you didn’t know how to swim at the start you were able to swim by the end. We learned how to do the breast stroke, the back crawl and the front crawl. It was so fun that when we got out it felt like we just got in. It was a bit cold after the showers but as soon as you got in the pool you warmed up as it was always lovely and warm.

I suggested that girls put their hair in pleats so keep it out the way when swimming. It was fun also because we raced each other to get ready.

Mark is a lovely swimming teacher and he always makes it okay when you are scared.

I think every child would love to go swimming lessons with Mark, swimming is great fun!

By Holly Alexander P4a

Our time at Tynecastle – Cole, Connor and Lewis

We had an hour training session at Tynecastle with the Hearts coaches. We stood around the centre waving hearts flags. We also had a moment of silence for the Paris attacks.  We played on the pitch and we also did a lap of honour at half time. We got a photograph with Hearts coaches. We played in front of 16,000 people which is a full house.

I felt amazing – from Lewis

I felt nervous but loved it – Cole

I felt happy – Connor

A blog from P4b

We have been learning reading skills in are novel study our novel study is called The Fish in Room 11. It is really good and we are enjoying the book so far and learning to understand tricky words and to read in a clear voice and using more expression.

We have been learning in class some French e.g some numbers zero un deux trios also some weather words in French e.g il pleut il neige.

We have been learning about a growth mindset and fixed mindset. A growth mindset does not give up and it keeps on trying and a fixed mindset gives up and a fixed mindset say i’m not doing this but a Growth Mindset says I can’t yet. We have also been learning about the Learning Pit, this is where you go when you learn something new. We know lots of ways to get out like WAGOLL Wall, working wall and 3B4ME and you need a Growth Mindset too.

In writing we have been learning about instructions. We made a good cup of tea e.g First you put cold water in the kettle and leave to boil. In instructions you need to have a title, subheadings, list of ingredients and equipment, verbs which are doing words and time connectives you also need a picture.

Declan and Addison also Taylor k


Language of Learning

P4 have developing their language of learning by looking at words that appear in our S.C and L.I. We make sure that they understand what each of the words mean to ensure success.

P4b have been looking at each of their Learning Intentions (L.I ) for the day ahead and under lining the ‘language of learning’ words. We have come up with different words for each day of the week;

Mindset Monday

Thinking Tuesday

WAGOLL (What A Good One Look Like) Wednesday

Thoughtful Thursday

Find out Friday


Swimming Update

This Tuesday will see P4a finish up at swimming. They have really enjoyed their lessons and have developed their swimming skills.

P4b start lesson on 1st December – we are looking for parent helpers to come along on a Tuesday to accompany us to the pool – if you would like to so can you please contact our school office… Thank you!

Novel Study Update

Last week pupils had the chance to do some Hot Seating to show their understanding of the character of Eliza. The pupils would take turns to sit in the Hot Seat and become Eliza. Pupils in the class would ask questions using words like, why, what, when, how. The pupils enjoyed this and are looking forward to doing to same for different characters.

The pupils vocabulary is certainly extending with lots of new and exciting words. We take the time at the end of each chapter to look at new words and their meanings.


Thank you for reading

Instruction Writing

Our new writing genre focus for the next few weeks will be Instruction Writing… We started today by looking at what a good set of instructions looks like – WAGOLL (What A Good One Looks Like).

Miss Dolan and Miss Broad demonstrated how to make a good cup of tea… P4 pupils watched and suggested what to do next. We then planned out each step and we look forward to writing our instructions in full tomorrow… We will post our finished results tomorrow!

Each pupil has writing target for each genre and we stick these into their jotter so they know what they are aiming for!