The Learning Pit in Primary 4

Both P4 classes looked at an image of the Learning Pit and discussed what they thought it was; here are some of ideas;

IMG_9481 IMG_9482 IMG_9483

We then watched the video the P6’s made last year. It helped us understand what the Learning Pit is and how it can help you when you are stuck. We thought about how we feel we are stuck and on our way into the Pit. We now know that Good Learners go into the Pit.

Both classes talked about strategies that we can use to get out of the Pit. We were able to use things have learned about like making mistakes and having a Growth Mindset. P4b discussed using their WAGOLL Wall (What A Good One Looks Like) and their working all for Numeracy and Maths. Both classes talked about using 3B4ME – asking 3 friends for help before the teacher. It is good to help each other and learn from our friends.

Here a few pictures of our Learning Pits and a pictures of P4b’s Learning Pit. P4 will be keeping their Learning Pits on their desks and they will continue to use them to help support their Learning.

IMG_9509 IMG_9512


IMG_9602 IMG_9558

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