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Weather Topic

This week both P4 classes finished up their Weather Topic. Both classes reviewed the topic and shared what they had learned, enjoyed and the skills they developed. This was a good chance for the children to reflect on the topic and to check back over the Learning Wall to see if their questions had been answered on ‘what they wanted to know about the weather’.

The pupils also completed a short assessment to see what they had remembered and learned during our Weather Topic – this was very successful with all pupils able to recall lots of facts.

Our focus over the next few weeks will be our Novel Study – The Fish in Room 11. We will then have a Science focus on Electricity and Forces.


The Learning Pit in Primary 4

Both P4 classes looked at an image of the Learning Pit and discussed what they thought it was; here are some of ideas;

IMG_9481 IMG_9482 IMG_9483

We then watched the video the P6’s made last year. It helped us understand what the Learning Pit is and how it can help you when you are stuck. We thought about how we feel we are stuck and on our way into the Pit. We now know that Good Learners go into the Pit.

Both classes talked about strategies that we can use to get out of the Pit. We were able to use things have learned about like making mistakes and having a Growth Mindset. P4b discussed using their WAGOLL Wall (What A Good One Looks Like) and their working all for Numeracy and Maths. Both classes talked about using 3B4ME – asking 3 friends for help before the teacher. It is good to help each other and learn from our friends.

Here a few pictures of our Learning Pits and a pictures of P4b’s Learning Pit. P4 will be keeping their Learning Pits on their desks and they will continue to use them to help support their Learning.

IMG_9509 IMG_9512


IMG_9602 IMG_9558

P4a Swimming

Primary 4a have been enjoying weekly swimming lessons on a Tuesday afternoon at Lasswade High School.

The pupils have been building their confidence in the water by learning new skills and strokes.

We have been very impressed by the behavior, attitude and effort from all of P4a.

Well Done 🙂


New Homework Grid and Reading Homeowork

This term we are reading The Fish in Room 11 as a class novel study. This means that we will not be handing out group reading books until we are finished. Please find a short reading challenge inside the yellow reading diary. We are encouraging pupils to continue to read at home.

We will doing lots of reading in class and we will be working on and developing our reading skills.

Here is a copy of the reading challenge and the letter

P4 novel study letter

Book Log

We have issued a new homework grid which has to be completed over the next 4 weeks. Pupils should choose 3 activities from the grid to complete in their homework jotters.

Here is a copy of the homework grid

Homework grid

If there are any questions please come and ask us.

Thank you

Miss Dolan and Mrs Hogg

P4 Update

We hope you have all had a lovely holiday. It was lovely see everyone back on Monday.

We started the week of by introducing our new novel study called The Fish in Room 11. The pupils studied the front cover and blurb and made predictions of what they think the book might be about – we have sealed them in an envelope and will open them once we have finished the book.

FullSizeRender IMG_9363


This week we have been finishing of our newspaper writing. P4 have been learning to write newspapers and what a good news paper article needs to include. Here is an example of our success criteria;

  • I have included a headline
  • I have included a subheading
  • I have included at least 4 pieces of information – who, what, where, why, when
  • I have written in the third person – he, she, they
  • I have included a picture
  • I have included a witness statement

P4 wrote about Humpty Dumpty first – we all knew that story. The following week P4 got choose a nursery rhyme of their choice to write about. We have had lots of good examples such as Jack and Jill, Incy Wincy, London Bridge and Little Bo Peep. P4 have worked hard on their newspaper articles. Quite a few boys and girls wrote about Incy Wincy and reported that he had a Growth Mindset because he didn’t give up!!

IMG_9368 IMG_9369 IMG_9372

Next week we will be issuing a new homework grid and new spelling activities for the term. Homework will still continue to be set on a Monday and should be handed in on a Thursday. Look out for a letter next week about reading books too.

Thank You

Miss Dolan and Mrs Hogg