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P4b Class Charter

Primary 4 b have worked on and decided on our class Charter. They voted and decided on a theme – the winning vote was ‘Inside Out’.

On our Charter we have our Right and our actions and Miss Dolan’s actions too.

We will refer to our Charter each day – have a look at our design.


p4b charter

Health Week Challenge

This week is Health week and as a whole school we have been set to the challenge to walk 1000 miles, collectively.

Yesterday P4 a and b walked their first mile. There was 49 of us in total so 49 miles goes towards reaching our 1000 miles goal by Friday.

In order for us to reach our target, each class must walk twice. We are planning to walk again on  Thursday afternoon. We mapped out a mile around our school grounds.

Wish us luck – keep an eye on twitter for updates.

Miss Dolan and Mrs Hogg

mile 2 Mile



Homework Grid Reminder

Just a quick reminder that the homework grid activities are due in for next week (8th October). Pupils have been asked to completed 3 of the additional activities. Activities can be completed in homework jotters. If there are any problems please contact Miss Dolan or Mrs Hogg.

We have attached a copy of the homework and there should be on in your child homework jotter too.

Many Thanks

Miss Dolan and Mrs Hogg

31.8.15 homework grid

Growth Mindset in Primary 4

Have a look at our Growth Mindset displays in P4 – both have a superhero theme. We were contacted by the Growth Mindset Superheroes to help defeat Fixed Mindsets.

P4a are getting caught in the Visible Learning web – and they are really enjoying it – they are changing their words to change their Mindset. Have a look…

GM 1 GM2


P4b have become Superheroes too…



Thank you reading

Miss Dolan and Mrs Hogg




Maths – Adding Money and Giving Change

P4 have been developing their skills when dealing with money – giving change and adding coins and notes. We have been encouraging pupils to discuss and share their own methods and strategies. The pupils are becoming much more confident discussing and sharing how they got to their final answer.  Here are some examples of P4 explaining their method of giving change. P4 had to imagine and Alien has come down from Outer Space and wanted to learn about giving change – we discussed we had to have clear instructions.

Maths 1 Maths 2

We have been doing lots of practical work and playing games on the smartboard which have helped to develop and test understanding.

Last week we looked at answering NRQ (Non Routine Questions) dealing with adding money and giving change. Pupils were asked to think of success criteria that we could use to help achieve our Learning Intention of solving NRQ’s. We discussed the following success criteria and used this when we were answering questions –

  • Read the question carefully two times
  • Underline important information
  • Set up the sum
  • Work out the sum – show our working if we need to
  • Write our answer clearly

Thank you for reading

Miss Dolan and Mrs Hogg

Growth Mindset and Marvellous Mistakes

Primary 4 have been busy learning all about having a Growth Mindset – they have been given a homework task this week where they are asked to share with a family member or a friend at home what they know about Growth and Fixed mindsets. We are hoping that the pupils will be able to share the work we have been doing in class with you at home. We have also asked the pupils to discuss mistake making and ask a family member or a friend about a mistake they have made that they have learned from. Finally, the last questions to discuss with some one at home is about something they can’t do “yet”. We are trying to change the words and phrases we use in class to Growth Mindset phrases so instead of ” I can’t”  we say “I can’t yet”. Here is a copy of the note that went home in homework jotters today (Monday)…

Homework Task – Marvellous Mistakes / Growth Mindset Focus weeks

Can you explain to a family member or friend at home what a Growth Mindset is and what a Fixed Mindset is. Think about what we have been doing in class – “I can’t yet”.

Ask a family member or friend at home about a mistake they have made that they learned from. Write this down in your homework jotter.

Ask a family member or friend at home about something they “can’t do yet” but would like to. Write this down in your homework jotter.

P4 have been looking at and creating lots of visual reminders that can be displayed around the classroom to remind them that mistakes help us learn and that failure leads to success. They were inspired by this clip from Meet the Robinsons, they watched this several times and have adopted the phrase – “Keep Moving Forward”. Here is the link;

mistakes 2

It has been super to hear lots of pupils putting their learning into practice in and around the classroom – I can’t do this yet but I am going to keep trying and I am not going to give up! We aim to carry on implementing and making this part of our classroom ethos. If you are able to attend our meet the teacher evening next week I am sure you will see lots of evidence of our work around our classrooms.

Thank You for reading

Miss Dolan and Mrs Hogg

Welcome to Primary 4’s First Blog

Hello Everyone,

Welcome to Primary 4’s blog! This will be an ideal way for you to keep updated on what is going on in P4 throughout the year.

Our first topic is Weather. We started last week by asking the pupils; What they Know; What they want to know; How they want to learn. We start with our first lesson this week looking at weather words and their meanings. Pupils will be working in their home teams on this task.

Both classes have been working hard during our first few establishment phases on our Visible Learning Journey. P4 became expert learners about the brain, they shared their learning with the other members of their home team. They then created posters displaying their learning.

P4 have become Growth Mindset Superheroes and are fighting to defeat Fixed Mindset Frank with the power of “YET”. They have changed their words to change their mindset!

P4a have enjoyed 2 sessions of swimming on Tuesday afternoons. They are really enjoying their time in the pool and are looking forward to developing their swimming skills further. P4b will attend swimming later on in the session – letters to follow.

Thank you for reading.

Miss Dolan and Mrs Hogg