Scotland Topic

We have been working on our Scotland topic and linking this to learning across the curriculum.

We created symmetrical thistles in Maths when we were learning about symmetry and we have been learning about lots of different Scottish myths and legends.  We developed the skill of ‘justifying’ when we had to give reasons for our favourite myth.  Some our favourites were the Wulver, Ghillie Dhu, Selkies and the Blue Men of Minch.  We also created some beautiful artwork of Kelpies – pictures of this to come!








We have also been learning about Robert the Bruce and the story of the spider.  We thought about how the spider never gave up and kept going until it had built it’s web and how this inspired Robert the Bruce to persevere.  We then wrote about a time when we showed perseverance and created a spider web to remind us of Bruce’s spider. We have displayed these on our Learning to Learn wall next to our Legendary Learning List.

In our Novel Study we learned some Scottish words and animals names… Do you recognise these animals from their Scottish names?

hoolet       doo        coo         brock        tod         moose       dug

We have also been learning about the difference between Facts and Opinions and sorting statements about the Eejits into Facts and Opinions.

Next week, we will be developing our note-taking skills to take notes about the myth of the Loch Ness Monster and use these notes to write a Newspaper Report.


Children singing Auld Lang Syne when learning about Rabbie Burns.