What we do in talking and listening

The things we do for talking and listening is that we have different level for it so there is the top one the middle one and the bottom one I’m in  the top because the group is so big it is s in two because its so big so there is a larger one and small group I was in the small group but no one did questions so it was hard to talk to everyone because they don’t have question so it was only me talking about it the book everyone else is talking the weekend  but the  teacher moved me from the group and I joined that in because no one did the questions but in the big group everyone did there question and we could have a really good talking and listening  chat and we would read the book when we done everyone’s question or most of them it depends on the time,Then the chairperson will say how did we do today and we will say the talking was good but some people need to stay on the  same page as everyone.

So im really fond of it so I enjoy it!

Fidget spinner writing

We did a piece about FIDGET SPINNER’S cause we where going mad over them and the teacher wanted us to do a piece of writing cause the teacher would think everyone would like to write about it and get all of the writing finshed in one day instead of more days that we don’t really need I voted for anagaint  fidget spinner because they can be annoying and you could be out of work because someone can put u off your work cause it could hurt your education and poeple around u  as well  so that’s im not a fan of them I know some people need to have them  but people  who just use them so they could  get of there work because they say that they need them but not really so that’s why I just want people who need them that’s ok.


This week we learned about researching our own topics mine was Morton FC [football club] . I was given a laptop to research Morton and their history. I found out new stuff about Morton for example that in the 1870s a lot of Scottish football clubs were getting made  and a lot of people went for Morton but Greenock got it. I saw this on Mortons Wikipedia. Its important to learn how to research because it can make u learn a lot of stuff about a chosen subject. I found it challenging  because their was not a lot of pictures. Im still working on the skill of researching in order to reach my success criteria.

What we did this week

This week we had the funniest week ever because we did lots of fun things because we went up the cut and the battery park because there was only 13 of us so not all of us would get in trouble so we could do more things than normally because someone is always getting into trouble. The was fun but our legs hurt because we walked so far we walked from our school to cornaless and back again but we had lots of fun because we made it really fun and just talked because we got to see a lot of sheep’s and baby lambs  and cows what where stinky  but they where funny to look at we didn’t know where so we had to ask where to go, The next day we went down to the battery park what was but we had to go in teachers cars so we could do down because none of us wanted to walk even though is would  be  fun but we played rounder’s and tig it was really fun we only stayed till lunch time then went back but it was sad because we had to leave  first because there was so many of us we had to go then the teacher went and pick another 4 get picked up, Our legs where still dead from Monday  but we got past the pain and just played all the games we could some of the boys brought footballs in for the battery park,

I wish I could do this every week but we can’t  it was the most I have ever had I will remember this week for a long time!


Our week!

This week  quite a lot of the primary 7’s where at Ardmay but some of us did not want to go. Instead of going to Ardmay we got to go out on some trips. On Tuesday we walked from the school to Cornalees. When we got there we sat down and ate our lunch. When we had finished our lunch we went over to see the fish, racoon dogs and the dogs. After that we walked back to the school and by time we got there it was 3:00pm and the  bell went and it was time to go home. On Wednesday we went to the battery park we got there by taking Mrs Nicholson, Mrs Ruddy and Mrs McWhinnie’s cars. I went in Mrs Nicholson’s Audi and its so cool. When we got to the battery park we had a game of rounders and some of the boys played football. Later on we played  tig in the sand park  not long before we cheered Mrs Nicholson’s son on as his school were running laps around the Battery park. I found the walk up the cut really difficult as the walk was 2 hours to get there.


Mrs.  Doolan has been teaching us about things that protect you’re brain  and we were aloud to draw around Ryan and we didn’t really do it exactly right but  at least we tried we cracked some eggs in to a pot I attempted to try crake  an egg in to a pot and it didn’t go to plan but I fixed it by cleaning it  up  I was watching the egg and its changed colour. I would like to do more things like this in future.

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