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Activities Afternoon

On a Wednesday we have an activity’s afternoon which is where P5-P7 go to either Arts & Crafts, MUGA, Lego, Film Club or Health & Wellbeing. It is from 2pm-3pm instead of Golden Time which P1-P4 still do. I used to be in MUGA where we played basketball for 4 weeks and in basketball we played mini  games of basketball. We worked on our passing skills by playing where we picked a partner and we got told to pick who was number 1 and who was number 2.  The number 1’s ran around the MUGA pitch while number 2’s  tried to tackle all the number 1’s.
For the last two weeks we played football where we got split into two teams and the teacher gave numbers in our teams. Then the teacher called 3 numbers and if your number got picked you would play against whoever had the same numbers in the other team. I really enjoyed it.


For all of our Tuesday P.E sessions we have been doing Basketball which I think is really fun because we get to use the Muga for the whole time we’re outside. When we’re in the Muga we play real Basketball games  but when we’re not in the Muga we are practicing skills . If any teacher is thinking about doing Basketball with their class I really recommend it because it is a great skill to have .IMG_1047