Our views on our Science Visitors

On Thursdays now for the last two weeks, we are having science teachers from Inverclyde Academy coming to teach us science.  The first week we did a bit of physics and last Thursday  we did some chemistry.  When we were doing chemistry we had to make our own fizzy drink and we got to make our own sherbet. We made the fizzy drink with some types of sugars and for the sherbet we used flour and types of sugar as well.   By Dean Kane.

Last Thursday Mrs McKenzie came from Inverclyde Academy to teach us chemistry. She showed us how to  create Irn Bru and Coke  without flavouring so it tasted saltier than seaweed. We also made Sherbet with Citric Acid, Icing Sugar and Baking Soda. We used this recipe to create the fizzy water as well. The 19th of November was the first day they came. We had to make paper windmills and test whose generated the  most energy. It wasn’t as fun as making the sherbet though.    By Jason Smith

For the past two Thursdays the Science Teachers from Inverclyde have came to our school to show us all different types of science including physics and chemistry. During the first week we made wind turbines and Kai’s turbine produced the most with 13 volts. On the second week we made sherbet and a fizzy drink without the flavouring. We also made a rocket using a film canister and      vitamin C tablets and overall everyone thought it was amazing.  By David Abernethy

On Thursday we had a teacher in from Inverclyde Academy called Miss Mackenzie who taught science. In science we got to try fizzy drinks without the flavourings. Everyone thought it was disgusting… (it was.) After we tried the fizzy drinks we added two teaspoons of icing sugar to the ingredients we used to make the fizzy drinks to make sherbet. This lesson was called chemical reactions.  By Chloe Kerr

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