P1 Buddies


On Friday all of P7 went to P1 to buddy.

When we arrived we sat down and listened to P1 sing songs.  They were amazing!  Some people said the P1s  were better than them.

After that we sat and read  story’s to them.

My buddy was called Alfie, he was so funny and very cute.

There  was a movie called Happy Feet but before that we helped them build Lego then watched the movie.

It was a very funny day. I learned how to take care of a P1 and this will help me in the future.    

P1 Buddies

Dean and buddy                                           

When I went down to meet my buddy he was so nice. I introduced my self to him his name was Kyle. I read him two story books and he listened well. He is a good well behaved p1. I learned that primary ones are important because they are wee and they are still learning. I enjoyed my day with my buddy because I have never done buddying so it was fabulously interesting.



This is our first blog post. We came to school one morning and the teacher had some exciting news for us ! The Judo Instructor had come to teach us some Judo. We went down to the gym hall and we sat down with our partners. I felt excited because I thought it was just a talk about it. When we started I was chosen to demonstrate a move. I cant remember what it was called. After I done that I got with my partner and we had a fight. My partner was extraordinarily strong and I couldn’t get out of the move. The woman  was a gold medallist at the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow. She showed us her gold medal which was quite cool. I really enjoyed judo and hopefully get to use my skills soon!