COVID-19 School Update 2021

Home-school Access to GLOW

If your child is having issues accessing GLOW, Teams please email the school at:

Happy New Year and welcome back to our new term 2021.

Whilst this is a strange start for all of us, some things will be very similar! We are still Inverclyde Academy and our values remain the same: Respect-Responsibility-Welbeing


During this time of home learning we will continue to respect each other and act in a manner that shows respect. Teachers are going to be working to prepare appropriate lessons to ensure that your learning continues to progress. As pupils it will be respectful of you to attend these lessons and to take part in all of the tasks

Everyone online will have a specific code of conduct to stick to, just as if you are in a classroom. This means, language and behaviour have to be acceptable to everyone (teacher and pupils). If anyone behaves in an unacceptable manner they will be removed from the virtual class and their parent will be contacted.


It is our responsibility to ensure that you get your learning entitlement delivered in an appropriate manner. Teachers will be working from home. They will be available to answer questions, set tasks, and support your learning from 9am till 4pm on a Mon/Tuesday and 3pm the rest of the week. Like you they will be following the timetable so you can expect them to be available during your allocated periods,

Your responsibility is very similar to what I would expect of you during a normal school day – turn up on time with the right attitude to learning.

You can log onto your TEAMS group using any devise that can access the internet such as a Playstation, Xbox, mobile Phone, tablet or a laptop. If you have an issue and can’t join us online then it is your responsibility to contact the school office by phone and let us know (This is exactly the same as you would be expected to do if you can’t turn up to school on a normal day). There will always be people in the office and two Senior Leaders in the school every day.

You may require extra resources to support your learning and it is our responsibility to ensure you have everything that you need. This may be a laptop, a keyboard for your Playstation or phone, WIFI, earphones with a microphone, paper, pencils – the list is endless and we have a school full of resources. If you need anything just ask.

Your attendance at your online classes will be monitored period by period (just the same as registration in class), and parents will be contacted if you do not attend. Please be aware that nonattendance may affect your EMA.


As you know we take the wellbeing of our community very seriously. During this period of home learning this will continue. Of course, you can’t just drop in to discuss an issue with your Pupil Support teacher, but they are all on TEAMS and they are at the end of a phone call. Please do not hesitate to get in touch it your need us! Our partnership agencies who support wellbeing such as Mind Mosaic and Barnardos will continue to work with us over this period so help is always at hand.

We will also be organising fortnightly assemblies to give you the opportunity to join me online as a year group and discuss any updates.

So what happens on Monday?

Well on Monday we follow the timetable as normal, well, nearly normal. Instead of coming to school in your uniform, you can put on your casual clothes and log into your lesson (no PJs please). For example, if on Monday period 1 you normally have English, then on Monday at 9am you log into your English TEAM and as if by magic your English task/teacher/assignment will be there. Then when period 1 is over you move along the virtual corridor and swap TEAMS groups to your next subject of the day. Simple!

I emailed out to your parents last week to explain the situation of home learning and I have arranged meetings on Zoom for them on Monday and Tuesday evening. I will be setting up our Assemblies for the following week.

I hope you enjoy your home learning experience and I will be interested in hearing about your experiences and ideas on how we can make it better. Mr Livingstone and Miss Gilchrist will be in contact with you about arranging how we gather, collate and share your views.


Teachers will be communicating with the pupils using Microsoft Teams

  • Click here to log into Microsoft Teams (pupils only)

The school will be communicating regularly to you as a parent using the email system and through Twitter.   Our Twitter account is @invacad

Denise Crawford

Head Teacher


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