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100 WC – The Dancing, Drumming Lion!

Today started just as every other boring day does, I got up, ate my cornflakes and headed out to school. Except, today wasn’t boring. When I got to school nobody was there, not a strict teacher or a mean bully in sight. Only a lion. It was playing a huge drum as it danced around the deserted playground. I simply stood there, staring. That night, I told my mum about the lion and his amazing dancing and gigantic drum. She laughed, ‘Today is Saturday; you’ve been in your room all day!’ ‘Well,’ I thought, ‘I don’t care, today was exciting.’

By Abbie, P7

Why Blog?

This is our first blog post for the blogging bootcamp by Abbie and Luke in Gourock Primary P7. In P7, we think that blogging is a good idea because it allows us to share our ideas with others, so they can be inspired by our ideas too.  Also, it allows us to reflect on, talk  about and share our learning with the world.  Blogging helps us become better writers because it is not just our teacher Mrs Hunter that gets to write on it, we write posts too! It is important to think about our sentences, like punctuation we are using and that what we say is public. We also have a homework task every week called ‘P7 Discussion Directors’, where we have to discuss a topic with our parents at home then be prepared to take part in a discussion in school. We have started commenting about this on our blog now too and we think this promotes using the internet in a positive way. Our class blog is also a diary of our journey through learning, we can look back through this in the future, and remember things that we are proud of, for example, our P7 Burns Supper and Athletics competitions. In conclusion, we feel that blogging is great for our learning and encourages us to use the internet for educational things as well as for our leisure! By Abbie and Luke