15 thoughts on “Funny Photographs”

  1. Totally Brilliant. You rose to the challenge and went right on. Star photographers.
    I love the way you have added the tag ‘team work’ as your photos must have taken a bit of patience and plenty of helping each other.
    This post made my day:-)

  2. That’s cool! I really enjoyed looking at those pictures. They are funny but when I do them they never seem to go right, you are really good at them. I liked the blowing on the hand one. I hope to see more photos like these soon!

  3. wow! how funny pictures so….. I think your class did good I have one favourite picture it’s a child that is a girl hold children her hand LOL 🙂

  4. They are so great i want your blog to be our i wishthat your class was in our school because your great how do you learn all these things you must be a great class i wish you could teach us all the things you learned please post some more pictures to seee and i will comment on them hope your enjoyinghool i hope your going to have fun in acadamay do you know what to do in acadamay and the main thing is i love your post.

  5. Fantastic P7 I am so proud of you all You are such a busy class I like that very much Keep up the great learning You are stars

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