P6 – Research some information about The Story of Sadako and write two sentences on the blog for tomorrow.

P7 – Write three sentences describing a monsters EYES, MOUTH and SMELL using some juicy adjectives, similes and metaphors to make it interesting.

Logo Competition:

– create a logo for our Community Council which must include the full name ‘Lochardil and Drummond Community Council’ for Wednesday. Write your name, class and school on the reverse.

Good Luck!

Miss Shaw, Mrs Macleod and Mrs Prentice.

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  1. A girl called Sadako who lived in Hiroshima in Japan she is only twelve years old.

    In Hiroshima in Japan they got atom bombed and shortly after the bombing she got sick with leukamia. Sadako wanted to make a wish, she wished she could make a thousand cranes, she made over 644 cranes and she died on 25th of October 1955.

  2. his eyes were ruby red with a flurecent green strips like a really fast frog .his mouth was shrivelled up all blue with coldness , he could not talk .he smelled like a old tramp not had a shower for 34 years he need a whole 34 deodorant

  3. Fact 1: On the sixth of August 1945 an atom bomb landed on the city of Hiroshima in Japan, but a little girl managed to escape the terrible event, her name was Sodako.
    Fact 2: Ten years after the atom bomb, Sodako was diagnosed with an extremely serious illness called leukaemia, sadly she died a few months after she was diagnosed.

  4. When Sadako was in hospital, her best friend, Chizuko brought her origami paper and told her about the old Japanese legend of the crane.

    Almost three years after she past away a memorial statue was built for Sadako, written on it says,”I will write peace on your wings and you will fly all over the world.”

  5. The monsters rose red eyes were as red as a beet root

    The monsters creepy horrid mouth is as scary as a vampire and it’s teeth is as sharp as a knife

    The monsters smell is awful and disgusting it is smelly like wet dog food :):)

  6. Sadko Saski was only 2years old when an atomic bomb got dropped on Hiroshima , Japan. The effect of the bomb didn’t start till twelve years after the bomb was dropped. She only could manage to fold 644 cranes but after she died her classmates folded the remaining 358 to burry with her body

  7. When Sadako was in hospital her family were told she had less than a year to live.
    Her friend told her about an old Japanese legend that if you fold 1,000 cranes then you shall be granted a wish.

  8. Sadako Sasaki was a girl that lived in the busy Japanese town of Heroshima on one unsuspected day a bomb was dropped on Heroshima.She was only two years old at the time and when the bomb hit the ground she was thrown out the window she survived it but at the age of 12 she developed leukemia.She tried to fold a thousand cranes but sadly didn’t manage to do it and died in October 1955.

  9. It smells of the rotten decaying flesh froma dead african elaphant.
    It has a horrifying beetle like head with 2 mouths and acid blood.
    It had a gargantiuan appetite like a vulture whith ch hadnt eaten in 3 years.

  10. My Monster’s mouth is gory and it is like a troll’s who has never brushed their teeth and spiders are crawling in and out of his black teeth.
    My monster’s smell is like an unwashed monkey who swam in a pool of sweat.
    My monsters eyes are all blood shot and have goo in them and when anyone looks at him will go blind.

  11. It’s big bulbous eyes were bulging out of its head.
    His shrivelled tongue was lolling out of his mouth like it was trying to speak.
    His smell was reminiscent to a decaying bodies and made my eyes water

  12. His red bloodshot eyes glimmered in the full moons haunting light even worse was his mouth which was fillled with pus and his lips scabby and blue like the sea His smell was that of the most foul manky cheese to have ever exist on Earth!

  13. The monster had terrble eye sight, he was as blind as a bat.

    When he grinned it was like a deadly roller coaster.

    He was as smelly as a rotten egg

  14. The monster had terrble eye sight, he was as blind as a bat.

    When he grinned it was like a deadly roller coaster.

    He was as smelly as a rotten egg.

  15. 1.she was 2 years old when an atom bomb hit Hiroshima her home town. the age of 12 she got a sickness called Leukemia.
    3.she had to make a 1,000 origami cranes to get better.

  16. It’s eyes where as yellow as the bright sun

    The creature’s mouth was a huge hole with thousands of tiny blades inside

    The smell of the monster was reaking of dead rotten fish

  17. the monsters eyes were were red like blood

    the monster smells like dead fish

    the monsters mouth was as big as a wale shark

  18. eyes- my monster has bright gleaming green eyes wich are squint and cockeyed.
    mouth- my monster will have a big mouth and his lips are always sore because when he puts on lip balm he eats it… and his teeth are squint and dirty.
    smell-he will smell disgusting like a cat that lives in a dumpster.

  19. Sadako was only 2 years of age when the bomb hit her home city of Hiroshima.

    Sadako only managed to make 644 but sadly she died at the age of 12 but her friends from school mad the other 356 to put in her grave.

  20. The monsters eyes were a repulsive yellowy greyish disaster that looked as if a ferret had gone inside them and ripped them to pieces, they looked around at everything using the whole monsters brain and attempted to decide what to crush first of the many living things in the room.

    Its mouth was even worse than the eyes, which makes it almost impossible to describe, with the rotting black and yellow teeth,the dripping silver saliva and worst of all, that disgusting green thing with purple spots which was meant to be a tongue.

    The mouth and the eyes were obviously unbearable to look at without dropping dead instantly, but the smell – it was like lavender and daises (If you were to put it in a world only inhabited by thousands upon millions of skunks that lived off baked beans and Justin Beiber “music!”) It smelled like death itself and the many other awful things that life had to offer. e.g Piers Morgan, 1D and worst of all, Justin Bieber…

  21. Sadako was only 2 years of age when the bombs hit her home city of hiroshima on august 1945.

    Sadako 10 years later discoverd that she had leukima which made her very ill she managed to fold 644 paper cranes to try and get well again but sadly before she died at the age of 12 but her friends from school folded the remaning 356 cranes and they were burried with her.

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