WWII Objects

For tomorrow, have your object chosen, decide on who your object belonged to, and at least two things that your object has experienced with its owner. Try to be as original as you can. The best stories will be going up on the wall at Fort George for everyone to read!

18 thoughts on “WWII Objects”

  1. My object is a gas mask. It belonged to a soldier. It has been put on a scared face in thick smoke and in gas explosions.

  2. The periscope, It got shot below the bit you can see and it got given to the sergeant major when he went on a mission, it got bought by its original owner once the war was over.

  3. the water bottle
    it got put in no mans land and then a nazi took it b
    2 it goes bak to the allias side

  4. gas mask –

    he hates his owner and always complains about the gas annoys
    him and that he should get his own gas mask

  5. Gas mask: Belonged to a Scottish soldier in WW2 who was fighting at El Alamein.

    During a gas attack, the first time he put me on his face he felt afraid and claustrophobic.
    However the soldier knew it would protect him from gas attacks and save his life.

  6. I am doing my writing about a rattle.
    It got rapidly spun around after a gas attack.
    It got dropped and picked up by some Nazis.

  7. spaid- im fed up of the mud getting all over me its so disgusting
    he is quite nice to me though he keeps be in my case so he could be worse

  8. I picked the flask
    1.Being made in the factory.
    2.Getting lost in the desert,battlefield or river.

  9. I am doing mine on a gas mask

    1. I got used more at night than day so I got no sleep

    2. I got frustrated because most were false alarms

    🙂 🙂 xoxo :):):):):)

  10. Gas mask

    :Saving his life.

    :Puting him on.

    :Geting put in it`s bag.

    :Geting a new owner.

  11. Gas mask

    Getting put on.
    Saving someone`s life.
    Getting put in my brown box.
    Getting a new owner.
    Getting breathed all over.
    On the soggey and wet mud, I lay as still as the night,
    And I witnessed the worst thing ever my owner dying.

  12. The Water Bottle

    The only thing to keep the brave solider alive in the desert was me…
    He carefully and quietly put the lid back on me as he walked along in the Germans trenches…

  13. Periscope

    1) Air raid warden – I am a very useful tool for the warden who can use me to peek out of the door or hole in the wall to check that all is safe before letting all the people back out. I can check to see if anything dangerous is at the other side of the door or if there are any fires near.

    2) Trench Lookout – When the bombs stop dropping and the silence returns over the horror fields another poor soldier wearily takes me from his bag and slowly pushes me up to view the destruction.

  14. object lantern

    1.They want to scare friend but the lantern gives away there position to the Nazis

    2.They get lost somewhere but find the lantern and then they’re getting back to base

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