Today we took french outdoors as it was such a sunny day! So far, we have been learning how to count to twenty, the days of the week, the months of the year and the names of some animals. To practice our counting, we played the “HAT”  game – it’s great fun!

In order to try something a bit different, we spoke a little polish today as well. Jakub is from Poland and he taught us how to count to ten. It was really tricky! We will maybe look at some more Polish words next Monday. Thanks Jakub! 🙂

Miss Shaw

Money Money Money!!!

This morning P6/7 had a treat for maths today – two ladies from The Bank of Scotland came to visit us!  

It was really interesting and we learned some useful tips!

We discussed:

– the different features of a bank card

–  how to budget for a dinner party with £50 to spend

– how and where we can use a bank card

– direct debits and standing orders

– how to use a bank card abroad

These are some of the things we spoke about. Hopefully today’s visit will interest us and help us when we move on to our next topic in maths…MONEY! We’re looking forward to it. 🙂

Miss Shaw, Mrs Prentice and Mrs Macleod.

Pupils of the Month!

A HUGE congratulations to…

James Nairn – James has been showing a more mature attitude in class and working really hard recently. He has been putting in an extra effort in all of his work. Keep it up James!

Jamie Loughren – Jamie excels himself in all areas of the curriculum and puts in 100% all the time. An outstanding pupil. Well done Jamie!

Cara Fraser – Cara has really impressed us with how much she has tried this year and for the amount of effort she puts into her work. Well done Cara!

‘Mission Ugly!’

The Primary 6/7 Pantomime, ‘Mission Ugly!’, can now be viewed by clicking the link below. A letter came home with P6/7 children today, informing them of the password for the video. If you would like to view the video, and do not have the password, please contact

Due to copyright law, unfortunately we will not be able to produce copies of this in DVD format.

Mission Ugly – CLICK HERE!