Star Writers!

A BIG congratulations to Emily Fortey, Olivia Morrison and Nina Thomson for doing a brilliant job in Writing last week. The task was to write a Poem in the style of Robert Burns, using Scots words. It was a tricky task to do but we all tried our best. Well done everyone! Here is Nina Thomson’s poem below…it’s fantastic!

Tae Sooty

Yer nae very auld

But fae a bairn yer very bold,

Fae a toaty cat, ya make a big midden

But afta ya have, ya just cannae stay hidden’


When it comes tae yer Da, yer such a sook

But when it comes tae ma knee, it will just be a fluke

When the hoose is heavin’

Ya get oot on yer bike and we ken yer leavin’


When ya bring in a bird ma maw feels like givin’ ya a skelp,

But when it comes tae comfortin, yer the best tae ask fae help.


Miss Shaw