To The Homework…

This week we are looking at the work of Robert Burns. We read his poem ‘To A Mouse’ and ‘To A Haggis’. For Writing this week we are going to write a poem in the style of Robert Burns, using Scots Language and with a modern twist!

For Homework:

  • choose a Theme to write about
  • write 3 things to describe your theme
  • write 3 Scots words

e.g. Theme – Pizza

1. delicious fillings 2. stuffed crusty rim and thin base 3. great takeaway meal

Scots words could be: tae , aroon’, ¬†guid

The Poem on Wednesday could be:

To a Pizza…

Yer cheesy, pepper’, tomato fillin’

Tae eat ya am very willin’

Yer stuff’d crust aroon’ the rim

Wad nae help me tae stay slim

Tis guid tae have a pizza once in a while

Sae pick up yer phone and start to dial

13 thoughts on “To The Homework…”

  1. 1.To a highland coo

    2. 1.Grumpy faced
    2.Filthy coat
    3.Luxurious field

    3. 1.Bonnie = pretty
    2.Bairn =child
    3.Gutties =plimsoles

  2. I am doing mine on my iPhone

    It’s great for play music and doing FaceTime and great for playing games

    Coo,cauld clorty x

  3. Theme – my phone

    Good for – games,music and texting my friends

    Scots words – tae,nae and canny

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