Health and Well-Being!

In Health and Well-being this week, my class had to think about what makes them happy…..everything ranging from ‘Gummy Bears’ to ‘JLS’ were mentioned!

For a bit of fun and in order to do something artistic, we firstly had to draw the thing/things that make us happy on a large piece of black paper. We then had to shade/colour the image using Pastel crayons; the trick was to smudge the colour with our fingers – and yes it got a bit messy! Anyhow, they are looking beautiful! I’ll have to find some space to display them on the wall.

Here are some pictures of the designing stage…

Miss Shaw 

4 thoughts on “Health and Well-Being!”

  1. Looks like Primary 1’s ‘Happy’ themed assembly inspired the P6/7s to think about what makes them happy. Pictures look fantastic guys and gals!


  2. Hi that seems cool and im guessing erin and hannah voted for JLS and eilidh thought of gummybears 😀

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