Star Writers!

In Writing this week, p6/7 had to write a Factual Account about the Typhoon Haiyan. The task was to create a factual piece of writing about the main events of the Typhoon that struck the Phillipines a couple of weeks ago. It was important that we justified our ideas with evidence that we researched at home last week. By correctly using paragraphs, we had to make sure we had a beginning/middle and an end to the report; making sure it was impersonal which means not using the word ‘I’. Finally, we had to use as many WOW Openers in our writing to make it interesting for the reader.

This was a tricky task as it had to be quite long as well; we therefore have been working on the Factual Accounts for two sessions. Some of these were fantastic!

 My Star Writers for this task are…

Duncan Ball, Alasdair Risby, Grant Nixon, Nina Thomson and Caitlin Thomson.

Well done guys, you did really well. You should be very proud of your writing skills!

Miss Shaw

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