P6 – Research some information about The Story of Sadako and write two sentences on the blog for tomorrow.

P7 – Write three sentences describing a monsters EYES, MOUTH and SMELL using some juicy adjectives, similes and metaphors to make it interesting.

Logo Competition:

– create a logo for our Community Council which must include the full name ‘Lochardil and Drummond Community Council’ for Wednesday. Write your name, class and school on the reverse.

Good Luck!

Miss Shaw, Mrs Macleod and Mrs Prentice.

15 thoughts on “BLOG HOMEWORK…”

  1. The things eyes darted around maniaticially, as if he was looking for something that was not there… Suddenly he opened his jet black lips and let out a terrible roar, a friek train derailing… His terrible stench wafted throughout the room, like putting rotten onions up to your nose… The things muscles tensed as he let out another earpeircing roar… Then all was silent, all apart from the muffled growling, coming from the centre of the room…

  2. His eyes where a ghastly, murky grey and they where bloodshot all over. When he looks at you your skin burns like he has flames coming from his eyes. His eyes were pushed so far back into his head you could see glimpses of his eye sockets when he glares at you.

    You could smell him from a mile away and you could tell he had not washed in ages. Your nostrils burn when ever you sit near him. The smell was like rotten meat smothered with stinking cheese that someone had been sick on.

    His lips were dessicated like coconut with lack of water. They were dreadful to look at and they like a balloon as they were filled with bacteria and puss. He had wrinkles all around his mouth and his mouth only had the two top teeth in it so he looked like an evil rabbit.

  3. Sadako was two years pld when her home town in japan was hit by a aton bomb.

    Ten years she got a illness called lukemna,SHE WAS TOLD BY ONE PERSON in the hosptail that if she foled 1,000 cranes
    she would be granted a wish,she managed to fold 644 before she died.

  4. A lady called Eleanor coerr wrote an oval about sadako .it was published in 1977

    On august 6th people in japan celebrate that day and call it a peace day

  5. Eyes- it’s eyes were a erupting volcanoes , and looked like a red hot firebox.

    Mouth- it’s mouth was a black cold coldren and looked like black oil.

    Smell-it’s smell was a peat bog and was smelly as a baby’s nappy.

  6. She was put into hospital on the 21st February 1955.

    There is a book called “Sadako and the Thousand Cranes.”

  7. It’s gigantic juicy eyes were a sight that you would like to forget in a hurry 🙁
    It’s overgrown reeking misplaced mouth was as revolting as 6 year gooey egg sandwich 🙁
    It’s odour and honking pits was like being in herd of cows giving some stinking methane 🙁

  8. His eyes were a black as my mums burnt toast, the mouth is like a huge black hole and his small is so revolting that it will make you gag… See you all tomorrow

  9. 1. His eyes were as black as the sky.
    2. His teeth were sharp long and deadly.
    3. His smell was a strong as pigs
    A vampire

  10. It’s eyes glowed red as burning coal.
    It’s carnivorous mouth was gigantic and it’s teeth were sharp daggers.
    It’s smell was as rank as sewage.

  11. It\’s eyes glowed red as burning coal.
    It\’s carnivorous mouth was gigantic and it\’s teeth were sharp daggers.
    It\’s smell was as rank as sewage.

  12. This is my own monster.

    The tall scaly, slivery black like a cat creature walked like it had no care in the world. Its eyes were thickly dark green and its mouth looked like it had been sewn up to make it smile all the time. The smell of it was like a old smelly shoe and even if you were a metre away from it you could still smell it. Its muscles and bones were as hard as rock, the legs were strong though, they were like a solider’s legs, even though they are good it could only move a slice a minute.

  13. It’s eyes are big as a an Afro.

    It’s mouth is so sloppy you could drown in it.

    It smells as if you’ve just eaten garlic bread

  14. Sadako was twelve when she died of leukaemia.

    She had only made 644 cranes by the time she had died.

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