WWII Objects

For tomorrow, have your object chosen, decide on who your object belonged to, and at least two things that your object has experienced with its owner. Try to be as original as you can. The best stories will be going up on the wall at Fort George for everyone to read!

Easter Bonnet Competition


P3FS have entered Hobbycraft’s Easter Bonnet Competition on behalf of Lochardil. They’ve done a fantastic job.

It’s YOUR turn to take part now. Get down to Hobbycraft and vote Lochardil as your winner. Voting takes place over the next two weeks!

Lynsey Easton

This afternoon Lynsey Easton from the Highlander’s Museum at Fort George brought objects and uniforms in to the school for the children to see and try on. We found it very interesting. Some of the objects we had never seen before.


Today we looked at some War Poems; they were awfully sad! On Wednesday we are going to write our own Poems about conflict.

For homework, you have to find out about a country’s conflict that is happening in the world just now. For example, you might want to look for information about the problems in Syria, Ukraine or Afganistan. Take notes of the facts that you find and bring them with you on Wednesday for Story Writing.

Good luck!

Miss Shaw, Mrs Macleod and Mrs Prentice.

Pupils of the Month!

A huge congratulations to our star pupils. Here they are…

Adam Doughty – Adam has been taking on a lot more responsibilities recently and is a great help to everyone in P6/7. He has also been trying really hard in class and has been taking more care with his work – which is great. Well done Adam!

Amy Collier – Amy always tries her best in all of her work and puts in 100% everyday. She is a very loyal friend who is kind and cares for others. A super role model to everyone!

Sophia Inglis – Sophia is a star pupil! She always works extremely hard in class and tries her best all of time. Sophia is a polite girl and is always smiling. Thanks Sophia! Another great role model.

Have a great weekend everyone,

Miss Shaw, Mrs Macleod and Mrs Prentice.

Euro Challenge!

This morning four of our fabulous Primary 6’s took part in the Euro Challenge at Millburn Academy. Alasdair Risby, Iona Black, Amy Watson and Griffin Fraser attended the Quiz on behalf of Lochardil Primary School and did extremely well. They came 4th out of 22 teams! Go Lochardil. We are so proud of the four of you! Well done for all of your hard work.

Miss Shaw, Mrs Macleod and Mrs Prentice.