To The Homework

This week we are looking at the work of Robert Burns. We read his poem ‘To A Mouse’ and ‘To A Haggis’. For Writing this week we are going to write a poem in the style of Robert Burns, using Scots Language and with a modern twist!

For Homework:

  • choose a Theme to write about
  • write 3 things to describe your theme
  • write 3 Scots words

e.g. Theme – Pizza

1. delicious fillings 2. stuffed crusty rim and thin base 3. great takeaway meal

Scots words could be: tae aroon’ guid

The Poem on Wednesday could be:

To a Pizza

Yer cheesy, pepper’, tomato fillin’

Tae eat ya am very willin’

Yer stuff’d crust aroon’ the rim

Wad nae help me tae stay slim

Tis guid tae have a pizza once in a while

Sae pick up yer phone and start to dial

17 thoughts on “To The Homework”

  1. Theme-x box.

    About it-I like to play on it. It’s very fun. I sometimes play on it with my friends.

    Scots words-beastie coo Tatties

  2. To a Flower…

    Yer petals are as soft as bunny’s ears,
    and the rain drips of like falling tears.
    Yer colours are as bright as lights on trees,
    as shiny as golden keys.
    Ye have the grace of a vibrant butterfly,
    it would be a shame to see ye fall and die.

  3. The thing that I am doing my poem on is a car.
    The thing I like about this thing is it can move in any direction and it can come in any colour you want and also they can go really far. My 3 scots words are dinnea, tatties, and fitba’.:-) 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  4. 1.Theme- My two kittens

    2.Describing words- Cute, Stubborn, Sweet

    3.scots words- Cute= bonnie
    Stubborn= Thrawn
    Sweet= Douce

  5. My theme is a camera,

    Because it can capture great memories, there are just fantastic and i think photography is amazing 🙂

    great = guid
    fantastic = fanciful
    amazing = barry

    See ya all tomorrow 🙂

  6. Theme: Laptop
    3 Facts: You can play games on them, you can print things off them, they are set out in different ways, the school uses windows 7 and windows 8 (the latest version) is an imitation of a tablet which is pretty confusing.

  7. Forgot the three Scottish words 3 is more of a phrase though-

    1. Bonnie (Pretty, handsome etc)
    2. Tattie (Potato)
    3. Fitlike (How are you)

  8. I am doing my poem on technology its modern day and its cool! my 3 scots words are aye,coo,Tatties,wee

  9. To a kitchen roll…

    I am doing my poem on a kitchen roll because 1. They weren’t around at burns time 2. I find them very interesting 3. It is the first thing I saw when I walked into the kitchen


  10. theme ps3

    fun,speak to your friends,good,graphics.

    haud yer wheesht- be quite

    windae- window
    tattie- potato

  11. Theme iphone

    Describing words you have great games, as shiny as a
    diamond, its good to message your friends

    Scottish words dug-dog tattie-potato coo-cow

  12. Theme-computers

    describing words-fun and amazing and exellent.

    Scottish words- fit like and tatties and coo.

  13. 1. My theme is electricity.
    2. Powerful, dangerous and life-changing.
    3. Tattie, michty and coo.

  14. theme my fish tank
    3 things about it. there is nine fish in my fish tank, there is a lot of fake plants in my fish tank and there is a lot of shells. 🙂

    3 scots words aye,coo and moose

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