Who would have thought that a lovely teacher like our Mr C could turn into a raging animal! In topic this week we have been looking at segregation, persecution and stereotyping. SOME childen were picked out for special treatment…….. and others were picked out for horrible treatment.


The reason for their treatment was something completely at random, that they had no control over, eg. brown haired and brown eyed people were the favourites in one class, those with birthdays in June or September were the favourites in another. This group ate chocolates, peach loops and watched Dennis the Menace.

Anyone not in these privileged groups were PERSECUTED! They were made to do lines, star jumps, burpees, language exercises and double if they complained!

The children were unaware that Mr Cook was acting and so felt the full force of the INJUSTICE that a lot of children from World War II felt in Nazi Germany and Nazi occupied countries if they were Jewish; or from a minority group whose face didn’t fit with the Nazi ideal.

We enjoyed our discussion afterwards!

2 thoughts on “Segregation”

  1. What a fantastic two days that I had in P6/7!

    The segregation lesson was fabulous to teach – and I hope you all truly felt the injustice which was artificially created. I hope you can somewhat empathize with those who have faced persecution, particularly during WWII.

    Keep smiling in the corridors . . . or else there’ll be lines. 🙂


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